About Me

I am a simple and somewhat complex guy who likes to have a good time no matter what I am doing. 

I am keeping my blog about me and the people in my life and not filling it with pics, videos, etc from other peoples site;  Just about me and my adventures.

My interest varies a lot but primary full bondage roles such as Pup, Rubber Gimp, Trainer, Trainee, Football, Baseball, Exhibitionism, Immobilization, Liquid Latex, Slave and Sir are among my favorites in no particular order.

There are many other interest that I have; many of which are indicated in my pictures here, but if you still have questions don’t be shy and feel free to ask for more information if your interested. }:-)

What I Look for in:
a SIR:
Ones that are intelligent safe and imaginative and highly kinky to start with. Sir's that love TIGHT clothing and Tight rubber encasement on their boy's.

Ones that have no to very low limits. Also are required to be kinky and into bondage preferable long-term sessions. Must love being in SKINTIGHT gear or willing to do so. They must have an interest of Leather and/or Rubber.

Favorite scene:
Bound in head to toe TIGHT rubber fully locked on without the keys for long term sessions while fully gagged and plug (preferably an electric plug).

Questions Comments?
Feel free to contact me at RubberBoundCOP